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Welcome to DFA.
DFA Maintains Several public Freeze-tag servers, supporting the UFT (Ultra Freeze-Tag) Mod. We hope you find our
servers an enjoyable place to play, as we put alot of time, effort, and almighty dollars towards your gaming pleasure.
Please read and consider our server rules as the bottom line. There are no exceptions.

There are more opportunities to play at this list of sites with real money casino games.

We are also supporting the AZFL Freeze-Tag League, a cooperative organization headed by some of Freeze-Tags longest
lasting participants/contributors. With several Admins from the Freeze-Tag community we intend to build a great league for
all to enjoy. If you are a member of a Q3 FT clan or team, please stop by AZFL for information and updates for this event.

IRC :: posted by coalshaft :: 07-25-2004 12:46pm
For those of you that connect through NY.EnterTheGame.com, that server has now moved to NewYork.EnterTheGame.com. Please adjust your server(s), if you happen to have used the former to connect to the ETG Network.

Servers :: posted by coalshaft :: 07-24-2004 10:28pm
DFA Servers have been temporarily moved. New Addresses are, ports 27960 and 27961. After some relocation of our main game servers, I'll get the others back up as well.

Forums & Email :: posted by coalshaft :: 07-09-2004 12:52pm
OK Guys, the Forums have been restored, with the exception of the 3 posts from last night.
All Posts, User Accounts, and private messages were rebuilt by hand :)

Email server is also back up, but I didnt bother retaining any of the settings, since most of you dont seem to use our clan email. For those of you who wish to have a DFA email address, PM or Email me your desired password, and I'll set it up for you.

DFA Under Construction :: posted by coalshaft :: 07-05-2004 9:41am
For the next few days, the site will be going through some transparent changes. You may notice the site is unavailable for
a few moments at a time, or certain functions, such as server or member pages may be intermittently unavailable as well.

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